Franciscan Ministry of Peace

A Ministry based on Francis of Assisi’s
passion for peace in and through the world.

Our Beliefs

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Franciscan Ministry of Peace

The Franciscan Ministry of Peace is borne out of a desire to promote the mission of the Spirit of Assisi, which St. John Paul II brought about on October 27, 1986. This event inspired a continued interest for prayer, dialogue and yearning for the gift of peace in our world and its many religions and nations.

St. Francis of Assisi was a great herald of peace in his time and continues to be a source of inspiration for many looking for ways to promote peace in the world. Throughout his life Francis had many opportunities to  call people to prayer and action to promote this great gift from God.

This ministry is born out of the desire for prayer and action to occur in our time -a desire to seek, to find and to share the gift of peace. 

May you find a place in this ministry to a call to prayer for peace and to act on what you hear in prayer.

Become a Friend of Peace

Dear Friends, This will be the FaceBook Page for those interested in being part of the ‘Friends for Peace.’ If you are interested please let us know. We are a branch of the Franciscan Minsitry of Peace. Our primary minsitry is to pray for peace and promote non violence according to Francsican Spirituality as given by Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi.
Friends for Peace