Our Daily Prayer

Please join us in praying our daily prayer for peace

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Prayer for the SickA Covid PrayerTo Protect and Heal God’s Creation

Give us peace in our hearts,
in our families,
in our communities,
in our Church,
and in our world this day.

Help me to be an instrument of peace today
so that your love and mercy is understood and lived.


Based on a prayer by Sr. Conrad Artman, OP

Pledge for Peace and Nonviolence

I/We Pledge:

To create ways to live in a peaceful and friendly environment.

To use all forms of Social Media for communicating without sensationalizing private lives.

To advocate the use of video and other forms of media entertainment suitable for all ages.

To promote responsible and safe use of all weaponry.

To respect the dignity and integrity of life from conception to natural end.

To respect the earth and find ways to care for the environment and nature.

To refrain from all negative and harsh language that tears down rather than builds up relations, including gossip in all forms.

Please send an email to Ministryofpeace@icloud.com to let us know you have pledged.


Forty Days of Prayer for Peace

View a 10 minute daily reflection from our 40 Day Prayer Pilgrimage for Peace

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Day 37Day 36Day 35

To Protect and Heal God’s Creation

We have come to renew our covenant with God and with
one another in Christ Jesus,
our Lord. We have come to help protect
God’s Creation.

We have come as followers of Jesus to
commit ourselves anew to one another and
to heal injustice and poverty.

We have come to stand together
against all threats to life.

We have come to discover some new
beauty every day in God’s creation; the
sunrise and sunset, birds, flowers and trees,
rainbows in the sky, the stars, the many forms
of life in the forest.

We have come to listen to the “music of the
universe’-water flowing over rocks, the wind,
trees bending in the wind, raindrops
pattering the roof.

We will remember always that God speaks to
us through the beauty of his creation, and
we will try our best to answer God’s call to
reverence all that he has created.

A Prayer for all those who are sick and suffering in our parish community and beyond.

In interceding for them we carry on the ministry of Jesus who constantly prayers for us. Would you join us?

O God in your love and mercy you care for your people.
We pray today for those who are ill and suffering in our parish.
Heal them in body, soul, and spirit this day.
Give them your peace.
May Mary our mother wrap them in the mantle of her love.
Be with those who care for the sick.
Give them patience and healing hands.
We ask this through Christ your Son, our Lord who lives with you forever with the Holy Spirit.

A Covid 19 Patient’s Prayer

Dear God thank you for the gift of life.
I am grateful for the now, even having covid 19 with its uncertainties.
I offer all the treatments and their affects,
The uncertainty of tests and their outcomes
I offer the fears and tears of having covid 19 for all of my brothers and sisters who share the same experiences of covid 19.
I thank you for all those who treat, support, pray and love us during all we go through.
I pray for them and all they experience in our diagnosis and recovery.
God I do not know why this is happening but I ask that you hear my prayer and allow it to help others, Amen

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